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Alicia's Blog 1 Alicia's Blog 2 Alicia's Blog 3 Alicia's Blog 4 Alicia's Blog 5 Alicia's Blog 6 Alicia's Blog 7I saw this picture on the evening news and I’m not ashamed to give it some context.  This is me, in my new body after the Great Shift, having just masturbated in a changing room.  I know, I was just looking but I-  My instincts took over, okay?  Some people immediately started masturbating in the streets or having sex with the nearest person.  I just fondled myself in a changing room… okay, yeah, I’m a bit embarrassed about that fact.  Just a teensy bit.
So, as a request to a friend of mine, I’m starting a blog about my life after the Great Shift.  You know, like a million other people.  This is my new body, belonged to a women by the name of Alicia Tanzer, beautiful name if I say so, beautiful body too, as you can see.  I’m currently living in her house.  It’s a nice place, some of the decorations are not my thing, but, hey, whatever.  I really like the clothing that Alicia owns, as it is really comfortable.  I mean, this may just be all female clothing, but the material is fantastic and it feels great on my skin.  Hell, everything about this new body actually does feel really nice and cozy… Guh, I sound like such a creep!
My friend said I should try some of the more feminine clothing in my collection, or Alicia’s I guess.  While there are some dresses and such, I want to ease myself into this.  I mean, some men who became women are now going gaga over the fact they are pregnant and will give birth, when they’ve only been girls for three days.  Would I want a baby?  Pfft, no.  I’m still not super comfortable to wearing this frilly shirt, even though it is soft.  Although I did try applying make-up.  I think I put on a little much though… Wow, worrying about my make-up?  I’m already becoming such a girl!
Okay, as per some people’s requests, (I can’t believe how many page views I’ve gotten) here’s a photo of me in a dress.  It actually was pretty easy to put on, and I do feel really pretty in it.  I feel as if I should talk about the hair.  It’s kinda frizzy, but it’s really soft and I can’t stop touching it.  I was weirded out by how it brushed my neck, but I’m getting used to it.  Heck, I may just let it grow even longer.  You know, just to see if I like it.
All right!  I just went outside, got some of the groceries the government gave out, went to register my identity, and got complimented for my looks a couple of times, so I feel pretty damn good.  Even though, thinking about it critically, this is still a tragedy.  But at least, one week after the fact, things are already getting way better than they were day one.  It’s probably going to be a few years before things return to being ‘normal’, but I think I’ve already adjusted well so far, and am ready to start my new life as Alicia Jackson.  Yeah, I took her first name.  I like it and think it fits my body real nicely.
Okay, second post in one day, but that’s only because I found a cat clawing at my door.  She’s completely domesticated and super adorable.  I always liked cats, but with my allergies, I never could stay around them for too long.  But now I can rub my face in her fur and nothing happens.  Her name’s Beatrix, and I think she likes me, so I’m going to keep her.  I mean, only if the owners don’t turn up.
Well, the relocation process has begun after two weeks, and I’m scheduled to go home with Alicia’s wardrobe, and I think I’m brining Beatrix with me.  I can’t leave her alone now, can I?  But before I go, and see my friends and family in their new bodies, I want to thank you guys for all your comments and support.  You have all been great to me, and I feel you helped me become a lot more comfortable in this body of mine.  I’ll keep you posted when things start returning to normal back home.  But for now, Alicia out!

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