Awful Expression

Awful Expression“Get that awful expression off of my face!”
“What, I’m just happy to be in your body, that’s all.”
“You cried to a drunken wizard, begging him to be closer with me, and he gave you my body because it’s funny to ruin people’s lives.”
“You really need to chill about this.  You don’t see me complaining.”
“You have a fat impoverished body, whereas I’m sexy and just won the lottery, literally, and will never need to ever work again for the rest of my life.”
“Don’t you mean ‘I’ won the lottery?”
“Don’t you dare claim my body for yourself, you scum.”
“…I said I wanted to get closer to you, but now, I think I just liked you for your body, and that’s what I got.  See ya never, bi-atch!”


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