My Sister and I

My Sister; MyselfI moaned in pleasure as I felt my body merge with my sister.  It was unintentional.  I was playing with a remote I got in the mail, trying to figure out what it did.  But then my older sister came to help, I pressed a button at her, and I suddenly felt my body morph and twist, merging with hers in order to create a new female body.  My head was a mess as I tried to retain my sense of self, fearful that I would get more than some of my sisters memories that flooded my mind.  However, as the sensations resided and I felt the changes end, I was still in control.  I thought about un-merging my sister and myself, but after relishing in the simple act of movement after my transformation, I debated if I should…


2 thoughts on “My Sister and I

  1. Would love to see more fusion stuff…white/hispanic/asian if possible…especially in the family context!

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