Vague Wish

Vague Wish 1 Vague Wish 2I wished for a positive change in my life.  A vague wish, it was the best I could do with half a second to think.  When I flicked a nickel into the fountain, I instantly saw the side effects of such a wish.  I was shocked to see myself in the body of a black woman in a hip looking dress.  Yet for whatever reason, I was strangely calm about this, and simply looked at my new form with curiosity.

Heh, guess this counts. I’m happy with my new body, which was not too busty, very lean, and had a palpable sense of beauty to it.  I leaned against the fountain as if I was posing as I thanked it, before leaving to see the effects of this wish.  My family and friends were still there for me, along with a couple new ones.  My job changed, it was a better one where I made more money, and, well, everything was changed for the better as far as I was concerned.  It may have been a vague wish, but it worked out pretty damn well.

(Please disregard the conversation below.  It refers to an outdated version of these captions.)


3 thoughts on “Vague Wish

    • By not too shapely, I meant that her new body is not TOO shapely, as it were. Instead, it possesses a good amount of shapeliness.

      Or maybe I should have put busty in the place of shapely. I don’t know. I wrote this caption super quickly.

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