Waiting For Lyra

Waiting For Lyra 1 Waiting For Lyra 2 I agreed to help my friend Lyra cheat on her finals by switching bodies with her, using a magic stone that has been in Lyra’s family for generations.  It was wrong, but I couldn’t say no to her.  She was kind and amazing looking, but just wasn’t a good test taker.  I just finished her last final, and have been waiting for her to show up at the agreed spot for half an hour now.  I really should send her a text, just to make sure she’s okay…

Lyra told me she wanted to spend the night in my body, and would see me tomorrow.  I was well behaved while in her body during the night, but she once again did not come to meet me.  I eventually went to my dorm to look for her, but she wasn’t there.  Lyra moved out earlier this morning and left me a note, saying that she wanted to live as a young white man who graduated at the top of their class, and already had job offers.  As opposed to a young black woman who barely graduated and would likely be suspected of cheating based on her finals results.  I tried to reassure myself that she was being a fool, but that did not change the fact she betrayed me and stole my life.


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