My Sick Friend

My Sick Friend“Son, what are you doing with your friend there?”
“Mom?  He- he just passed out after saying that he’d show me something, and I- I can’t-”
“Bahahaha, sorry dude, it’s me in here, I possessed you mom.”
“What?  Why did you possess my mom… and how?”
“Um, I have cancer and want to continue living, and your mom is quite the MILF.  She gave me my first boner, you know.”
“You’re fucked up, dude.  Give me my mom back!
“My mind is melding with your mother’s.  I remember her first kiss, giving birth to you, and what your father likes to be call in bed.  As far as I am concerned, I am your mother.”
“…I wish I never met you, you sick bastard.”


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