Strong Obsession

W4-41-BK_DW_TF“Hey, um, you’ve been working out a lot-”
“I need to get my body back to normal.”
“It’s been six months since you threw a bottle at that old guy living in your alley and he turned you into a woman.”
“Which I’ve accepted.  I simply hate being weak and need to be stronger now more than ever.”
“I understand that, but you’re obsessed with this!  You spend all day at this gym!”
“I’m happy that you care about me.  And if you want to keep being my friend, I suggest you let me live my life how I want to.  I mean, if you know what’s good for you.”


2 thoughts on “Strong Obsession

  1. I dig the fusion work, would love to see some with white guys fusing with Latinas or black women to make muscled or sexier women

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