Your Life Is Mine

W4-59-AS_BS_GL_SOMy girlfriend broke up with me after she got a job in another country.  She said that a long distance relationship wouldn’t work, and I couldn’t come with her.  Depressed, I spent the night drinking in a park, where I found a woman digging through the trash bins for soda cans.  She comforted me in my drunken state, and after I drunkenly said that ‘I’d give anything to be my girlfriend’, I found myself thousands of miles away, in my girlfriend’s body.  I now know everything about her body, her life, and the fact that she never truly loved me and used me during the year we spent together.  It made taking her body and life from her, without question, a whole lot easier.


2 thoughts on “Your Life Is Mine

  1. Hi, I really love your captions, my favorites are the Fusion and Possession Captions.

    Since this is the last caption of Wave 4, do you want to make Wave 5 downloadable soon?



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