Oscillating Ocean

W5-01A-Magic_Possession_WhiteW5-01B-Magic_Possession_WhiteI was out sailing with some of my friends, enjoying a glorious summer day when a sudden storm hit us, flipping the boat over and leaving us for dead. I quickly lost track of my friends, and was engulfed by the ocean, my senses fading as I begged the powers that might be to live. The next thing I knew, I was leaping several meters out of the water, and landed in the body of a foxy young woman. I couldn’t help but smile as I realized what happened.

I was dazed by my new proportions, my large breasts, slender figure, and hair that flowed in the ocean’s breeze.  It was going to be odd adjusting to being a woman, living somebody else’s life, but as I looked out at sea, seeing a storm brewing in, I realized how lucky I was to even be alive.  I have been given a whole new life for myself.  A life I plan on spending far away from any large bodies of water.  Sorry ocean, you may have given me new life, and a sublime body I plan on enjoying to the fullest, but you did try to kill me.


3 thoughts on “Oscillating Ocean

    • I understand that people really like my fusion captions, but they are some of the hardest for me to write and justify. Regular TG and body swapping is easy and versatile, which is why you see it so often here. Fusion, meanwhile, has far more repercussions involved, and family fusion in particular has a very dark, incestual edge to it that I want to sparingly use.

      • Well if you could get some going, family or just strangers, I’d like that alot, you do fantastic with your captions as it sits, which is why I’d like to see some more of those out of your style :)

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