Open Requests For Upcoming TG Captions!

Hello everybody, Enigmatic VD here.  I recently completed the captions I will post from now until February, and am getting started on the captions for March and April.  As such, I would like to know what sort of captions you would like to see from me, whether it be possession, fusion, family, age progression, or a specific scenario you would like for me to tackle.Now, I may not get to every request for a variety of reasons, one of them being how I already have the pictures for the upcoming captions picked out.  However, if you want to send me a picture to go along with your request, please do.  I enjoy doing this, but I dread whenever I need to invest an afternoon to searching through thousands of photos to find forty usable ones.


10 thoughts on “Open Requests For Upcoming TG Captions!

  1. I like the fusion ie: a white guy fuses with a hot black woman, making a hotter young black woman or a muscle black woman, Latina throw some age regression as well

  2. I love age progressions with “identity theft” a lot… seeing a young man become a mature woman, maybe a member of his own family or someone entirely unrelated, it’s the best and you do wonderful works on this topic!

    I also love the bodysuit captions(especially ones in the costume gun universe).

    You do great captions, and I should comment more on your works, I love what I’ve been seeing on your blog!

  3. I love your Age Progression with body-swap or possession theme captions. They are just fun to see a young man become a mature woman whether it be Older neighbor or milf and just let their imagination run wild since whose gonna stop them from exploring?

    Hope to see more of your work in the future and I should comment more honestly.

    I do have one question, if we send you pictures does it have to be SFW ir could it be NSFW?

      • Thank you for your speedy response! Kind of stretching my English abilities but I will try and be coherent!

        • Your English is actually quite good all things considered. I honestly couldn’t tell you weren’t a native speaker based on your comments. Send me a picture and prompt, and I’ll make you a nice little caption in a couple days.

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