Enamoured With My Sister’s Body

W5-06-AgeProgression_Black_BodySwap_Science“Hey Ross, you done yet?”
“Trent, chill for a minute, it takes work to look this good.”
“Guh, ever since you switched bodies with my older sister you’ve been acting a lot like her.”
“Oh please, you’re exaggerating.”
“You spend an hour getting yourself ready each day, you dress slutty, and spend your nights getting drunk with my sister’s friends.”
“I do have to maintain her image you know.”
“The machine was incinerated, Ross. My sister’s already taken reign over your life, you can do the same.”
“Well, my dear Trent, maybe I enjoy your sister’s life and embracing my dazzling black body, you ever think of that?”
“Fuck, Ross. It’s like I don’t even know you anymore.”


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