Baby Boy to Babysitter

W5-19-AgeProgression_BodySwap_Indian_ScienceAditi is my babysitter, or at least she was until yesterday.  You see, I went to her house for a change, and I found this box of really cool shiny jewelry and stuff.  I started playing with it, but then I dropped and broke a little statue when Aditi yelled at me for playing with her things.  That’s when everything started feeling all funny, and I got all dizzy.  When I woke up, Aditi looked just like me and said that statue switched our bodies.  She said we have to switch back right away, but then she had to go back to my house.  I’ve spent a day in her body, and I really like it.  I get to wear cool clothes, I’m tall, I look super pretty, and there’s this weird thing between my legs that’s fun to touch.


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