Mutually Beneficial Body Thieving

W5-33-AgeProgression_BodySwap_GarbageLady_WhiteI can’t believe that worked.  A second ago I was there, an impoverished black kid with zero future, now I’m here, in the body of an upper class white woman, with a college degree, high paying job, and beauty on top of it all.  All thanks to that senile dumpster diving grandma.  I thought she was wack when she said that I could switch bodies with whoever I wanted to, and get a lot of their knowledge with it.  Now I am off to lead my new life while this woman, Cynthia Kadish, uses her skill and knowhow to take my life places I could only dream of, places probably above and beyond where she’s gone in life.  I do love it when there are mutual benefits


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