Sammy Is Dead; Long Live Shauna

W6-14-AgeProgression_Black_GreatShiftIt’s been a year since little Sammy found himself hundreds of miles from home, looking down to see the breasts and sports bra of a woman named Shauna, all thanks to the Great Shift. Despite being very smart for his age, Sammy wasn’t quite sure how to react to his new womanly body, nor did he understand the Great Shift. He assumed that he was suppose to live Shauna’s life, assume her identity, and become an adult woman. Sammy adapted to Shauna’s life absurdly well, going about her chores, work, and even social life very well thanks to her regularly updated life journals. It was only a matter of days before Sammy truly thought themselves to be Shauna, and allocated most of her skills. The original Shauna was never to be seen from again, and Sammy’s parents assumed the worst for their son.


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