A Summer As My Stepmom

W5-25-AgeProgression_BodySwap_Family_GarbageLady_WhiteSo, this stinky woman I found sleeping under the slide at the nearby park said she’d grant a wish of mine, but as long as it fits into a specific theme.  She wouldn’t give me fame or fortune, but she jumped at the opportunity to get me out of summer camp while my stepmother, my only living parent, went on a trip to Europe for the next two months.  Nothing happened until I was at the camp, but the instant I set foot there, I found myself at beach, in Spain, in my stepmother’s body.  It’s pretty weird to go from being a 12-year-old boy to being an adult woman, but after just a few minutes in this body, I’m guessing I won’t want to go back to being a kid it in two months.


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