Awkward Explainings

W6-18-Black_Fusion_SignificantOther“Excuse me, can you explain to me why black girls like dying their hair blonde?”
“This isn’t dye, it’s all natural.”
“Is that even possible? Genetically I mean.”
“Why yes, hair color is not determined by skin color, it’s just that recessive genes for hair color, which determine the blonde color, are most often found in white people.”
“Oh, and that’s how yours is natural?”
“No, I used to be a guy with blonde hair, but then I fused with my black girlfriends, where I became a half-black version of her, but kept my blonde hair and personality.”
“Um, okay. I’m going to slowly walk away from you, miss. Good day”
“…I wasn’t joking, I seriously fused with my girlfriend. It feels goddamn amazing!”


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