Awkward Mom-Son

W6-04-Age Progression_Family_Fusion_Science_WhiteMy neighbor liked to build these weird, mostly useless inventions, hoping to strike a gold mine eventually. Recently, she invited my older sister and my 13-year-old self over to test out one of her basement, and zapped us with one of her inventions, which somehow fused my sister and I together. Furious that I was now an adult woman, one who carried over some of my weight, I demanded she switch us back. My neighbor panicked as she looked over her invention, destroyed, and implored me to go get some parts so she could fix the machine. Since I couldn’t drive, I had to walk to the necessary shops, in heels, feeling these clothes, hair, and breasts wobble as I walk. I’ll admit that I am, somehow, pretty okay with this body, but that’s all the more reason I want return to normal ASAP.


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