Bad Lovers

W6-30A-Black_BodySwap_SignificantOther W6-30B-Black_BodySwap_SignificantOtherColin and Constance were a couple unfortunately separated by a great distance, which caused some troubles in their relationship. They lacked the physical intimacy of most relationships, and wanted to be closer to each other. When having their daily video chat, Constance brought up a ritual she heard of from an old woman, which was said to bring two lovers closer. Colin, being a good sport, partook in the actions of this ritual simultaneously with his significant other, expecting for nothing to happen. Needless to say, he was quite shocked when he found himself in a familiar apartment, making the same gesture Constance was when he last saw her, seeing his own face look back at him on a monitor…

The two were both shocked by their change in bodies, but neither were upset about this. If anything, they viewed this as an interesting experience, a way to get to know each other better, and test their relationship. Unfortunately, it did not end well. Their lack of full knowledge over each other and frustration with assuming each other’s identity grew day after day, and they both began making changes to their new bodies lives. Changes that made the idea of switching back to normal less and less appealing. They eventually stopped calling each other and accepted this unfavorable reality.


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