Body Testing

W6-15-Hispanic_Science_Transformation“Hey Gav, I’m going out do you want any– Woah, um, who are you?”
“Justin, I’m Gav. I thought I told you not to open my door like that.”
“I… what is going on?”
“I told you that I’m a graphic designer right? Well, that’s partially true. I design bodies for people, so they can change their form.”
“Oh, right, isn’t that crazy expensive though?”
“Yeah, it is. It’s good money for me, and because people want perfection with their new bodies, I need to test out the bodies myself and make sure they work right, you follow? It’s why I’m so sweaty right now, I had to make sure the muscles work properly.”
“So, do you spend a lot of time as a woman?”
“Look, I’ve been dozens of people over the past year, this is just a job to me.”


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