Body Theft Is Not A Crime!

W6-06-AgeProgression_BodySwap_Hispanic“Oh hey, you’re that neighbor kid, right? Sorry, but I’m totally spacing on your name.”
“I want some answers from you, you little shit!”
“Alright, I’ll come clean. Yes, I stole your body Isabelle.”
“Why would you ever do that?”
“My low income family, unappreciated intellect, and general distaste for my physique were all major factors, but I would be lying if I said lust wasn’t a factor.”
“You can’t just steal my life like this!”
“I’ve monitored you for quite some time, silly. I know you are moving a couple hundred miles away later today, and that you have a job I could do half-asleep. It’s why I chose you, and chose to do this now.”
“This is a crime! You can’t just steal my body!”
“Actually, I’m pretty sure that it isn’t, and I can. Try to make the most of your shitty life kid!”


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