Bodysuit Bingo

W5-26-AgeRegression_Bodysuit_WhiteAh, young men never change.  Back in my day, the boys and I always hooted and hollered at fine young women, and that hasn’t changed… mostly.  I may looks like a cute young thing, yet an hour ago I was an old prune, one who won the weekly retirement home bingo tournament and earned myself a day in the retirement home bodysuit so I could feel what it’s like to be young again, and it is stupendous!  I wasn’t thrilled about being a dame, but this feels incredible, a thousand times better than my achy old skin, and even better than my body was in my prime.  I may just need to keep this bodysuit for myself.  Sure, it could be hard getting everything I need, but if there’s one thing I know about men, is that they’ll do anything for a pretty face and a nice ass.


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