Changing Girlfriends

W6-16-Black_BodySwapI was taken aback when I heard that my girlfriend wanted to go on a vacation, to the Caribbean, with all of her girlfriends, no boys allowed. I was a little worried about what would happen, and coincidentally, one of my girlfriend’s friends, Vanessa, didn’t want to go on this vacation, but felt obligated to do so. We were able to swap bodies, and I was left to enjoy a vacation filled with socializing, swimming, drinking, sightseeing, et cetera. It was then that I started to notice just how bratty my girlfriend could be, and how quick she was to bad mouth me. As for Vanessa, seeing her body like this, being so close to her, I think I’m actually starting to fall for her. She’s been kind and helpful throughout the past few days, and she looks pretty good in a bikini.


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