Clark Easter FIasco

W6-27A-AgeRegression_BodySwap_Family_Magic_White W6-27B-AgeProgression_BodySwap_Family_Magic_WhiteW6-27C-Black_BodySwap_Family_Magic W6-27D-Family_Fusion_Magic_WhiteThe Clark family was a very personal sort, and made it a point to get as many family members together on every holiday to become closer and partake in general merriment. On one misfortunate Easter, one family member brought a strange egg-shaped antique to the gather, an antique that certainly made the family closer than ever. Bodies were swapped, the young became old, girls became boys, and panic filled the family throughout their massive home, all desperate to switch back. Well, most wished to switch back. Others such as Henry here were strangely enticed being in the body of their young and attractive niece, Samantha. Once he found a mirror, he began contemplating what would happen if this swap were permanent. He began to wonder if he could lead a better life as a teenage girl, finally go to college, and what Samantha looks like naked.

The swap naturally hit the other end of the age spectrum with little Ricky gaining over a decade by landing in his aunt’s body. She was always a bit promiscuous and liberal in her outfits, and it was sending all sorts of weird feelings through the youngster’s mind. The long hair and tight clothes were weird enough, but the mounds on his chest and his missing private parts made him very curious about what his new anatomy was like. He was also quite excited about being so big, being a grown up with money who could, in his mind, do literally anything in the world. But such thoughts of grandeur resided in the recesses of his mind, as he was a bit too unsettled by seeing his cousins act like adults and grandparents cry.

Not everybody swapped with those they were related to by blood though, as Jacob landed in the body of his cousin’s wife, Sasha. For various reasons, she was never fully accepted by the family, nor Jacob himself, and that was rapidly changing after Jacob got away from the chaos and took a closer look at his body. While he never wanted to be a woman, and was indifferent towards women like Sasha normally, something in his mind was clicking with this body, almost accepting it. Truth be told, it’s a side effect of the magical antique, it’s changes are meant to be permanent, and the minds of the Clarks was slowly altered to better accept this drastic change. But it was not fast enough…

The family spent hours toiling over the egg-shaped antique, desperately rubbing it and twisting it in a futile attempt to swap back. It was then that the magical relic dropped to the ground, shattered, and let out a wave of light. The two dozen family members at this event seemingly vanished, leaving behind only one, an attractive young woman who was the amalgamation of every member of the Clark family. They felt amazing, whole, and could not bare a morsel of deposition to their situation, to the lives that were effectively ended. They quickly left the home, eager to embrace their new life, their new identity, a life forged from the accumulated knowledge of a family, and the finest genes as well.

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