Deadbeat Dad to Despairing Daughter

W5-23-AgeRegression_Family_Possession_WhiteI messed up in life.  I married young, had a daughter, collected a lot of debt, and was divorced, all before I turned 22.  Many years later I chose to end it all with a noose.  My only dying wish was that I got to know my estranged daughter a better.  After dying, I soon found myself flying through the city, soaring until I flew right into the body of my daugher, who I haven’t seen in a decade, all grown up.  I was then viewing the world from her eyes, in her body, with all of her memories flooding into my mind, notably her disdain for me as a parent.  Needless to say, I’d rather have died than be in the body of my daughter, who always hated me, for the rest of her life.


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