Finding Happiness


I wanted to be a woman, that is one thing I knew for certain.  I tried to change myself into one, a process that brought with it more strife than my life as a man ever held.  I investigated other ways, ways that I could be a different person after I lost everything I once possessed.  It was then that a raggedy old couple listened to my woes, and claimed they would make my life better.  I scoffed at the notion, but after I slept next to them in an alley, I woke up in a home, and I was a woman.  My new name is Minerva, my new body is what I dreamed of having for years, and while my new life has not been perfect, it is leagues beyond the despairing tale that was my existence as a man.  I cannot thank that couple enough for such a glorious gift, the gift of happiness.


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