Friendship Fluctuation

W5-54-Family_GreatShift_White“Um, hey, George.”
“Oh, sorry Sam, I just spaced out for a minute.”
“Were you staring at my boobs?”
“…Yeah, I was. I’m really sorry, I always had a thing for your sister and then…”
“No, no, I totally get it George. I got my sister’s body after the Great Shift while you’re the same as you always were.”
“I’m actually surprised you’re wearing such a low cut top. That’s really… feminine of you.”
“I hear you, I don’t know why she wanted me to wear this today. Anyhow, you ready to get going?”
“Yeah, let me just grab a few things, I’ll be back in a minute…”
“…Damn female hormones, I think I’m getting a crush on my best friend.”


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