Fusing With My Sister

W6-09-Family_Fusion_WhiteAh yes, I can feel her memories flowing into mine. Chelsea, my fraternal twin sister, was quite average looking and always had some resentment to me, her brother. Since I was good looking with strong facial features, tall stature, and so forth. So, she got this idea that she could somehow fuse with me and inherit my sexiness. Well, I guess she was right to an extent, as this body is at least an eight, but she’s not in control of it, I am. In fact, based on from what I could gather, reality changed with this fusion, and I guess I’m now the one living Chelsea’s life while my old self, well, he never existed. It will be a bit odd living as, effectively, my sister, but with her memories and a body like this, I think I’ll end up enjoying it.

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