I Am Cathrine

W6-01A-Black_Possession W6-01B-Black_PossessionIt has only been a month since I was swimming through this stream, getting covered in mud, grabbing fish like my hands like the wild boy I once was. It feel like it’s been an eternity since I was swimming in the rain when the current carried me away, overwhelming me, and drowning me. I was reborn into a new life, as an adult, as a woman, a woman with wealth, expectations, and standards I had to keep. I revolted for a while, but I soon accepted my fate, and then I began enjoying it. My butler is calling me to leave, and I do believe that it truly is time that I grow up and discard my lost boyhood.

I have spent the past thirty nights possessing Catherine. I originally intended to learn more about her, I did, and I was ready for my final night in her body before I would try confessing my love once more. I should have returned to my body come morning, but here I am, still in Catherine’s body. I called my original body, and I answered the phone, acting exactly how I would if Catherine called me. I think she’s gone, her personality is no more, and I am all that remains. I am now my longed after love, I am Catherine.


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