Muscular Black Women Request

W6-26-AgeRegression_Black_Bodysuit_Fusion_PossessionHarold, Gerald, and Farold were all three rich old white men with a similar goal, they each wanted to ditch their dying wrinkled bodies in favor of those of musclebound black women, and each had a different way of achieving their mutual goal. Farold managed to get his new body in the mail, paying a premium on a deluxe bodysuit fitted to his frame, and able to keep him alive as long as the suit remained intact. Gerald chose to combine and fuse with several other black women to create a new body for himself, viewing it as more legitimate than other means. While Harold simply found a gorgeous black woman to marry, used a possession spell he found during the war, and received all his assets when his old body croaked. While they missed their families, they had each other, and the constant company of two beefy black babes.


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