Music Can Change You

W5-57-Science_Transformation_WhiteAshour was lucky enough to get his hands on a very special pair of headphones, though, he had no idea what made them special at first.  He plugged them into his MP3 player of choice, putting on some of his favorite beats, and was pleasantly surprised with the results.  He went on a stroll, enjoying the quality of his headphones, but oblivious to both the changes made to the music, and himself.  After the downtrodden rap morphed into energetic pop, he finally glanced down to see the changes. They saw the body of a busty woman, one wearing very little stood where an obese hoodie wearing black man once did.  Normally this would justify even a modicum of shock, but the headphones change more than the body, as Ashley didn’t spy anything out of the ordinary when she checked herself out.


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