New Boyfriend; Old Foe

W6-07-Black_BodySwapSeeing Andrea and Denise together, being friendly, was more than enough to raise some heads around town.  It was common knowledge that these two could not stand each other, and would clash whenever the two crossed paths.  Little did they know that Andrea’s boyfriend, Colin, was now in Denise’s body. You see, Andrea’s a lesbian, and hid her attraction to Denise over the years, due mostly to her awful personality. Meanwhile, she felt no attraction to her boyfriend, but loved his winning personality. Andrea put two and two together once she found something that would let her switch two people’s bodies, and after getting Colin’s permission, the switch was made. The past few weeks have been great for the new couple, while Denise wallowed in misery, devastated by the lost of her body, and who can blame her?


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