Off To The Swap Cabin

W5-24-BodySwap_SignificantOther_White“C’mon honey, it’s only another kilometer.”
“Can’t you help schelp some of this stuff, Dave?”
“I thought my ‘sensitive girly arms’ weren’t fit for that sort of thing.”
“Fine, I was wrong, I admit it. Just take a few bags for me, alright?”
“Sure thing sweetie!”
“You know, you’re taking this body swap thing really well.”
“Well, that’s the point of this vacation, Kathy.”
“Said the person who didn’t want to be in my body for a week.”
“What can I say? I was wrong too, and I’m having a blast being a girl. We may need to make this a regular thing for us.”
“Sure, as long as you show me the ‘finer’ points of manhood.”
“Oh don’t worry, I’m looking forward to it.”


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