Please Bare My Children

W6-12-Black_BodySwap_Science“Wow, it’s hard to believe that’s you in there, Nathan.”
“Please, call me Aisha, sweetie.”
“Um, sweetie? You sure you’re alright there, buddy?”
“Oh yes! I’ve learned the joys of being a woman, a black woman, of being free from my existence as a white man. I feel sensual, relieved, and pure.”
“Yeah, no, you are acting way out of character. I get that this body swap program is suppose to make you more empathetic of women and people of color, but this is beyond tolerance.”
“Yes, it’s adoration and love. I was thinking of staying this way in fact, keeping this body, abandoning my own.”
“I don’t think that’s allowed…”
“I can not switch back while impregnated, and you could help me with that.”
“…You are a very lovely looking lady, but I…”
“Take your time. I know your tastes. You’ll come around eventually.”

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