See Ya Never

W6-02-Age Regression_Possession_Magic_WhiteJonathan had lived a hard life for decades, working at a dingy hotel for miniscule pay, and unable to get a job elsewhere. He eventually saved up enough money to buy a trinket from a local antique store, one that was said to allow him to assume the life of another person through one-way possession. Unfortunately for Jonathan, the trinket fell out of his pocket while cleaning the room of a young, fairly attractive, middle class woman, named Heather, who was staying for one night. Come morning, Jonathan found himself in her body, his surprise in his new sex undermined by the joy he felt being free from his body’s chronic aches and his joy in being free from his pitiful old life. After observing his body go about the morning routine he performed thousands of times, Jonathan bid this hotel adieu, eager to live Heather’s life.


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