Sex On The Beach

W5-44-AgeRegression_BodySwap_DrunkWizard_WhiteJeffry was an old man with shitty health, a foreclosed house, and not a loved one to name.  He was spending his last days on the street, chatting with an inebriated homeless man in an alley.  Jeffry soon told the man about how much he wished he could visit a beach he remembered fondly from his youth, the beach he lost his virginity on, one last time.  With a chuckle, the man made it so. Jeffry wasn’t expecting to land in the body of an attractive young woman, and was unable to contain himself when he looked down at his new body.  While incredibly grateful, Jeffry was reluctant to indulge in his new sex and gender, at least before meeting the man who he would make love to on this very beach, losing his virginity a second time.


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