The New Miss Cino

W5-59A-AgeProgression_Fusion_Science_White W5-59B-AgeProgression_Fusion_Science_WhiteI had been pining after Miss Vanessa Cino for the past nine months, eagerly listening to her every word, taking pictures of her in class, and even doing a little bit of after-hours spying.  I was obsessed with her body, her life, her personality, truly everything about her.  I wanted to become closer to her, and I knew that being in a relationship with her would not suffice.  No, I wished to become her.  It took a lot of dedication, theft, and incredibly dangerous guesses, but I soon found a way to combine and truly become one with her.  It was the last action of my senior year, and now, a month later, I cannot imagine going back.

I just got back from swimming in this body, relishing in the freedom of a bikini and enjoying the way the water encompassed and outlined every part of my new being. The breasts, the hair, the rear, they are just some of the glorious parts I now have access to, and always will. There is only one thing left before I feel I truly am Vanessa, and I’m sure, with a body like this, that I can attract any partner of my choice with no difficulty.


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