Why My Daughter Detests Me

W6-17-AgeRegression_Family_Magic_Possession_WhiteHoward was a loving yet oblivious man who had a poor relationship with his teenage daughter. When he heard that a ‘family help center’ rented out a suite of the office building he worked in, he chose to pay them a visit. Once Howard arrived, he was given a strange liquid that he was told to drink in order to become closer to his daughter, free of charge. Howard chose to drink this sugary beverage before bed that night, and found himself in his daughter’s body, possessing her while his body was on autopilot. After a school day as his own daughter, Howard ventured to the same ‘family help center’, only to see a vacant suite. Defeated, Howard accepted this cruel fate, met his old body on the elevator, and began to understand just why his daughter detested him.

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