Discovering Bliss

W7-02A-Body Swap-Drunk Wizard-Garbage Lady-WhiteW7-02B-Body Swap-Drunk Wizard-Garbage Lady-WhiteW7-02C-Body Swap-Drunk Wizard-Garbage Lady-WhiteW7-02D-Body Swap-Drunk Wizard-Garbage Lady-WhiteW7-02E-Body Swap-Drunk Wizard-Garbage Lady-WhiteIt’s been several months since I was given this body, since I left my old life behind and started living as Minerva.  It has been an enjoyable time, despite a few hardships, but they are insignificant compared to the amount of joy I feel by simply being a woman, a beautiful woman at that.  However, curiosity is a fickle thing, and I began to wonder what happened to the homeless couple who gave me this body and life, let alone what happened to my old life and body.  Upon doing some sleuthing, I discovered that nobody at the homeless shelters in my hometown knew those two.  As for my life, my body is apparently still occupied by someone, and whatever damage was done to my life by coming out as transgender never occurred.

I thought I put my old life behind me, but I couldn’t just ignore this.  I wanted to know how this happened, how exactly I was given my new life and body, and while I despised much of my old life, it was still my life for 20 years.  I prepared my things for a trip to another end of the country.  I took time off from my job, said goodbye to my friends, and made an excuse to my parents.  I ordered a plane ticket, and scheduled a flight, where I would leave the sights and sounds of my new life for my old one.

The past few hours have been a flash for me, and now here I am, in a car that is pursuing around the sights I surrounded myself with for years.  My old neighborhood, where I played with a variety of friends, most of which I lost when I came out as transgender.  Those who did had no idea what I wanted, or why.  Soon I’ll approach my old house, and hopefully meet my old body.  What will I say, what will they look like, and how much changed, all these questions and more ring throughout my mind, but I won’t dwell on them, or ponder what I was going to say.  This will just be a quick trip, and then my old life will be behind me forever more.

When I arrived at my old home, I was surprised to see my old body, but they were very… different.  He was notably more muscular and handsome than I ever was, far more than I ever wished to be, and was rather thrilled to see me again.  Apparently, he used to have my current body, or at least a version of it.  Much like myself, the man who used to have my body was transgender, and suffered upon coming out, facing much rejection and spite from those around him before.  He was not respected, and left home of his own accord, where his pleas were heard by a raggedy old couple.  When they woke up, they were a man named Stanley, and grew to love their new life over the past few months.

I enjoyed meeting Stanley, and since then we became online friends, talking about various things, but mostly our old and new lives.  Deep down, we want to know what happened to our friends and families even after though they rejected us in a rewritten reality.  It started at that, but I think something about us just clicked.  We began talking more regularly, whatever discomfort we had about seeing our old bodies quickly dissipated, and we began sending each other photos regularly, like this one here.  I think we both want our relationship to evolve past a friendship, as there is certainly some chemistry between us.  Yes, it would be weird to be in a relationship with your old body, but no weirder than having your bodies switched by a pair of homeless people.


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