A Mother of Malice

W7-03-Age Progression-Body Swap-Family-WhiteIt’s been a week since I stole my son Nathan’s body, and he’s clearly not happy being in my 47-year-old body, even if it is pretty damn hot.  But I understand, it’s his mother’s body, he gained thirty years, and switched his sex, so he’s bound to have trouble adjusting.  While I’m a teenager who can make their “mother” do anything I want.  He naturally cooks and cleans for me now, but I’ve been getting urges looking at him in my old body.  I’ve gotten erect just looking at him, made him dress in whatever clothes I desired, and even enjoyed some fondling.  He puts up with it, assuming that I’ll give him his body back if he plays along, but no.  This is a one-way swap, but I don’t think I’ll tell him that for… a couple of years, if ever.


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