Yuki Forever?

W7-04-Asian-Possession-Significant OtherOh Yuki, you always were so beautiful, and being in your body, controlling your every move, only emphasizes how great you look.  It’s just a shame that such a callous heart lurked beneath such a fin shell.  An unfeeling heart that ended a 3 year relationship, saying it was all for material gain.  I wanted revenge, and possessing you to create a humiliating and incriminating video before going out and ruining whatever relationships you had seemed like a decent plan.  Yet now, after preparing everything, and seeing the deepest parts of you, I’m having second thoughts.  Even if I ruin your life, you’d still have this excellent body.  Here’s an idea, while my body is on autopilot, I think I’ll steal your life.  Maybe for a week, maybe 3 years, it depends on what I feel like, what the new Yuki feels like.

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