My Body In-Law

W7-05A-Age Regression-Body Swap-Family-Indian-Science W7-05B-Age Regression-Body Swap-Family-Indian-ScienceIt’s hard to believe that just two months ago, this young lady was on the verge of death.  Even harder to believe that she used to be an old man named Yorick.  Yes, a man who got in a nasty car crash while travelling with his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and her parents.  All of whom suffered major head trauma, by which I mean their heads were smashed to pieces.  Thankfully, science found a way to repair them, good as new.  But a nurse screwed up when allocating their brains back in the right body, and switched the family’s bodies around.  Much chaos and shouting ensued from the mismatched family.  Aside from Yorick, who was quite pleased with the body of his daughter-in-law.  Once he heard that they would be stuck in these bodies for at least five years, Yorick couldn’t help but smile.

“I just heard from the hospital.  They’ll give us a massive settlement for this, and actually want to use us as a paid test group.  The downside is that we need to assume our body’s identities.”
“Oh, so I guess I should get used to being called Sari, instead of Yorick.”
“And I guess I’ll need to get used to Peter instead of Maya.  As well as being a man with facial hair, this petulant thing between my legs, and such a dark skin tone.  As for you… you’ve adjusted to my daughter’s body quite well.”
“Look, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, drink it, and enjoy it as best you can.”
“Whatever you say, just remember, you only have that body for five years.”
“You’re right, I get to be a spry, attractive, and very young Indian woman for five long years.  I’m quite excited about it.”


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