Kevin’s Parents Never Heard From Him Again

W7-06-Age Progression-Black-BodysuitKevin had originally conducted a plan to take revenge on his crappy and poorly funded high school’s mathematics teacher, Ms. Jenkins.  She was bad at explaining concepts, barely understood what she taught, and hated him for having the audacity to correct her mistakes.  When he created a way to turn her into a bodysuit, he planned on humiliating her and getting her fired.  But as he prepared a dirty video of her, he found himself enjoying her womanly form.  And when he tried teaching, he found himself enjoying that as well.  Kevin managed to update her curriculum and greatly increased their grades accordingly.  He was rewarded for this turnaround, and inspired hope within a school that had simply stopped caring.  All this along with a surprisingly affectionate boyfriend made Kevin wish he’d abandoned his life in favor of Ms. Jenkins’ sooner.


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