Sons Will Be Mothers And Mothers Will Be Sons

W7-32A-Age Progression-Body Swap-Family-WhiteW7-32B-Age Progression-Body Swap-Family-White W7-32C-Age Progression-Body Swap-Family-White“So son, I heard you planned on going out to a party tonight, is that right?”
“Um, yeah… is there any problem with that?  I mean, I did my homework, and chores and everything.”
“True, but… Do you know how long it’s been since I went to a proper party?  Since I got to experience the peak of youth?  It’s been quite a while.”
“I’m not sure where you’re going with this…”
“Well, it’s quite simple, I want to switch bodies with you.  Be you for a night while you’re me for a night.”
“…Okay mom, if you figure out a way to do that, go on ahead.”
“Oh, don’t worry David I already have a way.”

“Woah, I… fell?  Guh what’s with my voice– and this shirt… holy crap I’ve got tits!”
“Yes, yes you do David.  Or rather Helen.”
“Mom, are… are you in my body?”
“I am ‘mom’.  I can switch bodies, and since you agreed to lend me yours, I’d figured I’d try being a 17-year-old boy at a sizable social gathering. It should be delightful.”
“I thought you were just joking!”
“…Look, I thought you’d be into this since, well, I try to keep my body looking hot, but if this whole thing is too much or too weird, I’ll give your your body back right now.”
“… I guess this could be cool.  Okay… ‘David’, go enjoy your party, but be back before 1 AM.”
“Sure thing.  Thanks ‘mom’.”

Being curious about his mother’s body, David began exploring it as deeply as he was willing to go, examining her curvature, her muscles, and her older woman appeal.  He found himself amused with the novelty of controlling his mother’s body, saying things she would never say, and taking a few pictures, but he began to slowly associate with this body more closely.  It felt natural, comfortable to move around, and David delved deeper into their new body.  Exploring every orpheus and even viewing themselves as a woman internally.  After attracting the attention of David’s father, the former son truly fell in love with her new body, and begged her former mother to keep it.  With a sly smirk, knowing their plan succeeded, they agreed.  The new David and new Helen were both enamored with the switch, and never returned to their old bodies.


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