Like Daughter, Like Father

W7-07-Body Swap-Magic-WhiteYou know, it’s funny to think that I was ever mad about being in this body.  My ‘daughter’ Stella and I had an awful argument one night, and she haphazardly made a wish that we could be more like each other before bed that night.  When we woke up, we were in each other’s bodies, and began fighting each other about this for weeks while trying to change back.  However, as weeks became months, and those became a whole year, we stopped arguing and accepted it.  We began to adjust to our roles, our bodies, and began acting like each other.  Heck, I forget that I used to be a man and not a cute young woman.  It’s pretty weird how it worked out like this, but we’re both pretty happy with our new bodies and lives, and have a better relationship now than we ever had.


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