Anti-Bigotry Program Case 1037

W7-09-Black-Body Swap-Hispanic-Science“Sasha, do you recognize these two people?”
“Um… they rent out their bodies to the Anti-Bigotry program, don’t they?”
“Yes, and three weeks ago they rented their bodies out to a pair of… uncultured individuals.  Things were going well, very well, but now we lost them.”
“We lost them?”
“Their borrowed bodies went missing, yes.  We believe that these former white men loved their new bodies so much they stole them.”
“Actually, I just brought up their file and, yeah, they mentioned how they felt revived after becoming the fairer sex, how much they love their skin, their voices, their assets…  How did that not trigger a red flag?”
“I’m not sure, but we need to start tracking our clients.  I know you’re against it, but we’ve lost four attractive women of color in the past quarter.  This is getting really bad for us.”

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