Project Mind Transmission: Huge Success?

W7-10A-Age Regression-Black-Body Swap-ScienceW7-10B-Age Regression-Asian-Body Swap-ScienceW7-10C-Age Regression-Black-Body Swap-ScienceW7-10D-Body Swap-Indian-ScienceW7-10E-Age Regression-Black-Body Swap-Science Project Mind Transmission was a massive undertaking that I allowed so long ago that I can’t even remember how I was convinced that it was even possible.  The project was centered around the development of a machine that could allow two or more people mentally communicate with each other, free of the limitations provided by language and the like.  It sounded absurd, but after two decades of glacial progress, the first fully functional prototype was supposedly nearing completion.  I was on my way to take a look at it, and see what the boys at the lab accomplished, then everything got hazy.  I found myself on the other side of the building, with long black hair covering my face, and a half buttoned black shirt covering my… breasts… my dark skinned breasts.  Oh my, I look just like Ellen from accounting, am I in her body?

As I ran as best I could with my new… assets, I was stopped by someone in the hall.  It looked to be Claire, a newly hired personal assistant, or at least someone in her body.
“Cool it buddy, you’re not gonna get anything done any faster if you keep running in heels like that.  Take the situation and tell me, just who wound up in Ellen’s body?”
“…Joe, is that you?”
“Am I that obvious?”
“Joe, it’s Marcus.  Do you have any idea what happened?  Did it have to do with PMT?  Did everyone at the company switch bodies?”
“Heh. Boss, everyone found themselves in a different body over the past three minutes, so nobody knows jack squat.  If I were to guess, something probably went wrong with PMT testing, or rather went really weirdly right.  Don’t you realized what happened?  We discovered body swapping technology!”

While I could not deny that this was a very impressive discovery, there would be time for celebration when I didn’t have a womanly voice, wasn’t wearing womanly clothes, and most importantly wasn’t in a very womanly body.  Joe was an easygoing and laidback guy, so I’m not that surprised he didn’t mind losing thirty years and gaining a different sex and ethnicity.  Truth be told, I didn’t mind losing twenty years and the same.  I minded it because it was unplanned, an accident, and one that, as president of this company, needed to see corrected.  I was truly fascinated with the idea, so much that I took a moment to examine myself in a reflective window along my way to the lab.  When I was suddenly interrupted by another one of my employees.

“Ah, you must be Marcus, right?  Assuming the swaps are two-way as I’ve seen.”
“…Is that you, Isaac?  You switched bodies with Devi?”
“Yes, I appear to have switched bodies with your secretary.  As you probably have guessed, in my preparation for a demonstration of the PMT for you later today, something went both wrong and right.  We were having trouble focusing the thoughts between two people, and, well, keeping them as just thoughts.  I hypothesized this outcome, but never believed it would actually happen.  And I have to say, this does make my years of research seem a bit more worthwhile.  Just think of how we could change the world with this technology!”
“Look Isaac, what you did was phenomenal, but we cannot have hundreds of people running around in each other’s bodies.  Please tell me that you can switch everybody back.”
“Of course I can.”

After we went to investigate the state of the machine, Isaac told me that while he can switch everyone back, the prototype for PMT was damaged in the process, and it would take a while to rebuild it.  How long?  About a month.  If he weren’t in Devi’s body, I would have socked him for letting this happen.  A month of trying to figure out who’s who, a month of my co-workers potentially impersonating each other at home, and a month of men living as women, and women living as men.  Including me.  I was visibly upset by this, but as I felt my body move while I stormed to call an emergency meeting with administration, my curiosity grew.  Perhaps, I thought, my time as a woman will prove to be an incredibly inspiring and interesting experience after all.

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