Good Cop To Bad Girl

W7-11-Age Regression-Body Swap-HispanicEver since the police got their hands on body swapping technology, it’s revolutionized undercover work.  Especially since they found ways to transfer memories and even personality traits when swapping bodies.  Officer Kowalski, an experienced and resourceful man who would be retiring in a matter of weeks, was eager to try this technology out and enter the body of a woman deeply involved in a drug peddling gang.  But since entering her lean and busty body, he’s been getting urges.  While the youth and womanhood were appealing to him, he was more enthralled with the power of controlling a gang, and the thrill of taking territory, of using people, and the sensation of sending drugs into the street and into his body.  He’d been straight edge all his life, but now, she wanted to be a little evil, she wanted to be one bad girl.


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