Rewarded For Infidelity

W7-12-Black-Fusion-Magic-Significant OtherHuh, can’t say I expected this, but I’m not complaining.  I used to be a guy, not the nicest person around, and if I was, I wouldn’t be looking even half this fine.  I had a wife, who I loved at the end of the day, yet I wanted something fresh, which young Sandra provided me.  We had fun as my wife thought I was working late, at least until she caught us in the act of sex.  My wife lost it, and pulled out this medallion, something her mother said would bring people who loved each other closer than ever.  The trinket merged us three into one.  With the youth of Sandra, my wife’s ethnicity, a body comprised of both of their best traits, and my mind.  Well, my mind with memories of my new life, as a young black woman.  Cool, I guess cheaters can prosper.


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