My Babysitter’s A Baby

W7-13-Age Progression-Body Swap-Magic-WhiteOh, and of course he’s crying again while shoving toy trains in his mouth.  It has only been 7 minutes since my babysitter Sharla and I switched bodies thanks to that medallion my mother gave me to suckle on, and the very idea of returning to that infantile form utterly disgusts me.  Upon exchanging bodies, there were moments of confusion and anger, but then my mind expanded with the wisdom, knowledge, and memories of a college age woman.  Her relationships, her understanding of business, and her developed yet youthful body are all mine now, and I didn’t even need to go through childhood or puberty to get them.  I almost feel sorry for Sharla, her mind reduced to that of an infant, but she was got in this situation because she tried to steal my toy, so… I view this as justice.


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