Clayton’s Callousness

W7-14-Age Regression-Family-Fusion-WhiteThe one known as Clayton was a bizarre and amoral character.  A person who has lived several lifetimes by establishing families, grow old, and then sacrifice them by reciting an ancient chant.  This would cause all those linked by blood or law to merge into a single being, one young and possessing the best traits and accumulated knowledge of the family.  They would then venture out to repeat the cycle once more.  For the first time, the family was primarily women, meaning Clayton was reborn as one.  Being eager to experience new things, the prospect intrigued her.  How would she see the world, what would it be like to make love as a woman, what would childbirth be like, and would she prefer this over being a man?  Clayton didn’t know the answers, just that she was quite excited to discover them.


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